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Dear Yuletide Author

Dear Yuletide Author,

Thank you so much for writing for me! I'm really, really pumped to read whatever you have in mind!

Firstly, please don't feel limited at all by what's in this letter. I've listed why I like these canons/characters/relationships and provided prompts just because I wish I can be at least a little helpful with providing some inspiration for you. If the prompts don't work for you but something else does, take it wherever you want it to go! If you have fun and are satisfied with the end-product, I assure you that is enough to make me happy. I adore all of these canons and am actually in each of them year-round, so moar fic for one of them is already enough to give me some holiday cheer!

Where to find me: magicasen @ AO3, einheriar @ tumblr. My journal is locked and I don't post on LJ anymore, so that's about the best you can do to stalk me - sorry!

Heads up: spoilers for each of my requested fandoms below.


  • Every sort of relationship – romance (m/m, m/f, f/f all loved, although there's only room for m/m and f/f amongst my requests), friendship, rivals, etc. I do have a super soft spot for a good familial relationship, especially if it's parent-child (this is also reflected in my requests...). Of course, the characters actually being related is secondary in importance.

  • Genres: angst, fluff, humor, slice-of-life, action/adventure, pretty much anything excluding what's in my “dislikes” section!

  • Some words describing emotions, impressions, or ideas I love in fic: wistfulness, bittersweetness, calm solitude, sharp and cutting, chilling, warm and fuzzy, gentle sweetness, quiet intensity, repression

  • Backstory/missing scenes

  • Character-focused stories

  • Casefic

  • What the heck, if it's a canon where I state that I ship it, I'm totally up for porn if that's what calls to you.

Dislikes – I actually do like many of these most of the time, but just not for these particular fandoms. Also, I don't have any triggers, so don't worry about those.

  • Genres: Crack (silliness is fine! But not so much wtf-inducing humor)

  • Alternate universes that are not canon-based (for want of a nail AUs? Awesome! Coffeeshops AUs? Not so much what I'm looking for right now.)

  • If porn: slight kink is a-okay, but nothing especially kinky, please. Exception: see Tsukihime section

  • Crossovers

  • Cheating/adultery

Fate/stay night (Visual Novel)
Archer, Emiya Kiritsugu

Sign-up details: I'd love to read about them meeting. I'm not sure if I'd like it more if only Archer knew Kiritsugu, or if both of them knew each other's identity. I'm also not sure if I'd like it more if this Archer is post-UBW or not. I think the answer is that as long as you explore the parallels, regrets, guilt, pain, and love between these two, I will be happy with any take on their possible meeting. With one caveat: please keep this request gen.

I hope you just went "...oh" at this request because Archer and Kiritsugu's relationship is one of the most compelling, fascinating, and downright heartbreaking relationships in the Fate/verse. And woefully unexplored, to boot. Archer only mentions Kiritsugu once in the VN, but us readers know that this is the man he admired and loved so much he followed his ideals straight into hell. And all Kiritsugu wanted was for Archer was to live fully and happily and not meet the same end he had to. The parallels! The idealistic heroes betrayed and shattered by the world itself!  I would say please break my heart, but I would also love some type of happy meeting between them, but then I realized that would be redundant because it'd break my heart regardless. I do ask that their relationship be kept strictly familial.

A few prompts:

  • Kiritsugu summons Archer. How does Archer react? How does Archer hide his identity from Kiritsugu, how does he act towards the father he adores, and how does he push Kiritsugu into possibly different actions to save his past-self?

  • Kiritsugu and Archer meet somewhere in the afterlife - maybe in Avalon? How does Kiritsugu figure out or not figure out Archer's identity? How does Kiritsugu react? (I'd say it's probably with crippling guilt.) How do they attempt to interact with each other when the last time they really were together, Archer was a kid? Are there regrets? How does Kiritsugu act lovingly towards Archer? Does either of them feel like they failed the other? If in Avalon, maybe Irisiviel and Illya are there as well! I'm very invested in the idea of Archer and Irisviel interacting - you know she'd love him, but she loves everyone.

Guardians of the Galaxy (Comics)
Peter Quill, Richard Rider

Sign-up details: I would be happy with a story from pretty much any point in their canon history. For example, during Annihilation, their working relationship was already established by the time we met them, so how did they get to that point? If you want, you can disregard the ongoing Original Sin tie-in and answer the question of what happened to them after the fault closed, and how Pete escaped and Rich didn't. If you don't want to disregard it, you can always write a sequel to it (even though we don't know the ending of OS yet at the time I'm writing up this request!) Or how about an AU where Rich is a full-time member of the GotG? I do ship them, but as long their relationship is the main focus in the fic, I'm good!

I really like how, initially, Peter is the gruffer, more hardened of the two, but also the one who tries to lighten things up/impart wisdom, especially for Rich, who's still suffering from survivor's guilt from the destruction of Xandar. I love how we can see them go from slightly awkward, grudging allies to genuinely good friends and a great team - the type who would choose each other if they had to pick a person to go down with in the face of death, guns ablaze. They're so comfortable with each other, it's great. I just adore just how much they've matured from the beginning of Annihilation to the time they have their last stand in the Cancerverse.

I do ship it, but I'd love anything, shippy or not, as long as it focuses on their relationship. I'd prefer to see something set during Annihilation or post-Thanos Imperative. Feel free to ignore the Original Sin tie-in if you want to tackle what happened in the Cancerverse.

A few prompts:

  • How they get together/form the United Front pre-Annihilation

  • You know, I would not be averse at all to desperate, end-of-the-universe porn set during Annihilation

  • What happened to them after the fault closed? How did Richard get left behind? (Grade-A Peter angst right here, I'm just saying.) How does he get out?

  • As I'm writing this we still don't know the ending of the OS tie-in, but I'd be very happy to read canon post the tie-in (unless it's mindbendingly awful...if it is, you can always fix-it!)

  • EDIT: So I just read GotG 20 and now I can't stop reading Pete and Rich's relationship as Pete pining after Rich so if you want to play on that angle please feel free!

  • How about setting a story in an AU where Richard was officially part of the GotG? There are a lot of possibilities for team-bonding here (Rich and Vance!) since Rich never interacted very much with most of the GotG cast. Really, I feel that Rich not being part of the GotG in the comics was because he had his own ongoing.

Kill la Kill
Matoi Ryuuko; Kiryuuin Satsuki

Sign-up details: I'd really like a post-canon fic where Ryuko and Satsuki face some kind of conflict. It can be external, such as them having to battle together (feel free to pull out all of your battle couple tropes here!), or it can be relational - how would they handle their first argument as sisters? How would they make up? How do they awkardly navigate their newfound relationship, when the concept of family is quite foreign to the both of them? I do ship them, but as long their relationship is the main focus in the fic, I'm good!

These two are my happy place! Kill la Kill was some of the most fun I've had with an anime in a long, long time. It's over the top but incredibly earnest, dramatic and cheesy but not embarrassing (okay, disregarding the fanservice), and chock full with charming, darling characters. I love Ryuko and Satsuki's relationship at pretty much any point in the series, whether they're glaring each other down, trying to kill each other, or awkwardly navigating their newfound sisterhood. They were the heart of the series for me and I get little flutters whenever I think of/am reminded of these two. I do ship it, so if you want to go that route feel free!

A few prompts:

  • Post-canon: so many possibilities! They've never really had their own time to do fun things, so I would love to see a sister-date (which can also be a date-date, hey). I want to see how Ryuko tries to help Satsuki with her vision of a better world, and maybe Satsuki just wanting Ryuko to live her own life for once. I WANT THEM TO BOND A LOT - they're already so close from the little time in canon they spent on the same side, but I think they're very compatible people! Hey, how about their first argument as sisters? When we think of what Ryuko and her dad's strained relationship turned out to be, how would Ryuko handle it now that she's actually found her family again?

  • I don't see too much room for them to interact in series, but hey, if you want to fabricate a meeting between the two them I'm all ears (or eyes, in this case?)

  • Battle couple! I want them to fight back to back, side by side, high-stakes and high-drama, and hey, if you want, throw in some h/c as well. One of them sacrificing themselves for the other! One of them getting captured and the other trying to deal with this! One of them getting mind-controlled and the other one desperately trying not to hurt them while not getting killed themselves! (Which happened in canon! Thanks, canon!)

  • Porn is good :) fun with Senketsu and Junketsu? Post-canon? You can throw canon timelines out the window here if you want to go this route, really.

Kohaku; Tohno Akiha

Sign-up details: I would really like post-canon fic. For the Near Side routes, Kohaku's (and by extension, Akiha's) fate is an unanswered burning question I have about the VN. SHIKI is gone, what now? I'm also interested in the answer for this in a post-Akiha's True End perspective, especially considering what happened to Shiki (please disregard the Kagetsu Tohya sidestory in this scenario). Post-Kohaku's True End, they have reached some understanding with each other, but there are years of things left unspoken between these two that they need to talk about; I would love to read this conversation. I do ship them, but as long their relationship is the main focus in the fic, I'm good!

I kind of wrote a ship manifesto on these two, so please feel free to peruse that. Also, don't feel obligated to have to write shipfic - their dynamic fascinates me regardless of romantic feelings or not. I love how obvious it is they really, truly care for each other, but I also love how painful being with each other is for them. I love how they lie to themselves and to each other about their relationship and how they feel about each other. I love how theoretically a very nice, long chat could have saved them both, but I also love how it would have been impossible for them because they both believed their relationship was broken to begin with. I also love, disregarding the sadness, how fucked up these two are, and how very little they care about themselves in comparison to others.

A few prompts:

  • Post-Kohaku's True End: they had to have had a very long, in-depth, emotional conversation about where they stand with each other after the events of Kohaku's route. It was probably really painful and difficult, but it was one they've needed to have for years. I'd love you to show me how it would have played out.

  • Post-Arcueid/Ciel's routes: What happened? Does Kohaku carry out her revenge? Kohaku's (and by extension, Akiha's) fate in the Near Side routes is the one burning question I have. Also, how does Hisui play a role here? I'm perfectly fine with unhappy endings, on that note - I wouldn't have requested these two if I wasn't prepared for tragedy.

  • Post-Akiha's True End: Again, what happens? Akiha lost the love of her life (I would prefer you disregard the Kagetsu Tohya sidestory here) and SHIKI is gone. What does Kohaku do now? Does she feel too bad to do anything to Akiha at this point? Does she make up excuses to prevent herself, or does she pull through? I'd also love to see what you do with Hisui in this scenario, as well!

  • I'd love porn for these two if you wanted to write that. Make it as vanilla or dirtybadwrong/kinky as you like - BDSM, bloodplay, knifeplay, torture - anything on the more violent side of kink except guro would be great!

  • Hell, if you wanted to write really darkfic, by all means go ahead. These two have the potential to be incredibly fucked-up, so I actually wouldn't bat an eye at brutal murder or torture, to be honest. No rape though, please - dubcon is okay, though.

Umineko no Naku Koro ni | When the Seagulls Cry
Ushiromiya Eva; Ushiromiya Ange

Sign-up details: I'm okay with pretty much any fic, honestly! A more in-depth look at Eva post-Rokkenjima incident? A world where Bernkastel doesn't meddle with these two and they become a loving family? Maybe Ange teaches Eva magic! How about Ange-Beatrice and Eva-Beatrice interaction, maybe in the Sea of Fragments? Or Ange's thoughts on Eva after the events of EP8 (I'm okay if you want to fabricate some meeting between the two - it's Umineko, you can make it work!) Please keep this request gen.

Eva's such an driven character, and this isn't always a good thing for her or for anyone who interacts with. She knows what she wants, and everything she does is done with such intensity it's almost scary. She admittedly came from a privileged position, but she still had to fight her way to where she is now, and used every resource she had, and learned/acquired ones she didn't. There's just so much to her character that I haven't even touched on, and I love all of it. I appreciate how the narrative never sugercoats or makes attempts to make you biased in any way towards her, and that's true in regards to all of Umineko's characters, who are all incredibly flawed but just as sympathetic. She's awful to Natsuhi, cruel to Rosa when they were young and Shannon now, and more. But she's also deeply in love with Hideyoshi (the most healthy relationship in Umineko, I'd say) and fiercely protective of George.

Ange makes me cry. She's a very favorite character archetype of mine - hardened, cynical, bitter, single-minded, driven to frustrating, self-destructive, suicidal levels...but also deeply emotional and brittle. I thought her story was one of the most powerful in the entire series. Anyway, I love her a lot, and am very much invested in her character!

Eva and Ange's relationship makes me weep. I'd be more than happy for you to tear my heart out even more or to try to mend the leftover wounds just a bit. Please keep their relationship gen!

A few prompts:

  • Eva character-study post-Rokkenjima incident – her grief and isolation was only ever implied and inferred, so a more direct approach to showing it would probably crush me, but I'd love reading it.

  • Eva-Ange cute times in a world without Bernkastel's meddling. Damn you, Bern. This could work particularly well as a Fragment that Bernkastel shows Ange.

  • How about Ange-Beatrice and Eva-Beatrice interaction?

  • On that note, I'd love to read anything about Eva-Ange's relationship in the present time (1998). However, I wouldn't want any glossing over of how Eva treated her - it's true that Eva did offer her love to Ange, and it's also true that Ange's rejection crushed Eva, but the way she treats Ange is not justified. Once Eva makes up her mind about someone, it's there to stay - she's very stubborn and unwilling to bend.


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