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Dear Beyond Panels Author/Artist

Dear Beyond Panels Author/Artist,

Hello, and thank you so much for writing/arting for me! I'm super excited that you decided to participate, and I'm looking forward to seeing what you have planned for me. I just wanted to give you a better idea of what I like here, but if some inspiration hits you that doesn't match up to my letter, go where you want to go - I'm sure I'll love it! I just ask that you try not to include my dislikes.

Also, I'm putting this upfront: this is a very shippy letter, and my requests reflect that. However, believe me, I only requested these characters because I love the relationship between them, whether it's as friends, rivals, or enemies, so I would be perfectly happy with anything focusing on their relationship. I'm also still a comics noob (I find it funny that I've probably read well over a thousand comics at this point but I still feel that way!) and as such, my reading is pretty limited and very Marvel-oriented. But by all means, cram as much canon as you want if that's what you like!


  • Genres: angst, fluff, humor, slice-of-life, action/adventure, pretty much anything excluding what's in my “dislikes” section!

  • Missing scenes

  • Plot

  • Character-centric stories (although I'm not really looking for character studies, here)

  • You know what, I'd totally be happy with PWP for any of these pairings, as well. I'd prefer not too on the fluffy side if you went this route, though!


  • Genres: Crack (silliness is fine! But not so much wtf-inducing humor)

  • Non-canon based AUs

  • Infidelity (all of these are non-canon ships, I realize, so I'd ask for some amicable break-up or random AU where they just don't happen to be together with their significant other. This is comics, so it's easy enough to be hand wave-y here, especially depending on where you set the story!)

  • Polyamory

  • Character bashing

Where to find me: aquamarine @ AO3, einheriar @ tumblr. My journal is locked and I don't post on LJ anymore, so that's about the best you can do to stalk me - sorry!

Feel free to anonymously comment here if you have any questions! Anon comments should be turned on. Anyway, here are my requests, in alphabetical order:

Avengers (Comics)
Steve Rogers, Tony Stark

I ship them hard. However, I'm pretty much in love with their relationship no matter what kind it is, so I'm perfectly happy with any variation of gen-fic. I would love something set in either the Heroic Age or Marvel NOW! era. I'd also love anything from pre-New Avengers, with the caveat that I've completely backread to the beginning of vol 3, and have read various arcs of vol 1. I'm burnt out on New Avengers vol 1, including Civil War/Secret Invasion, though, so I'd prefer not to get anything from that era.

A few prompts:

  • As convoluted as the "Next Avengers" storyline was in Avengers v4, I'd love to see some interaction between Future-Tony and Steve

  • I would really love your own canon AU on the current storylines: incursions (New Avengers) or Avengers World "we gotta go bigger" (Avengers) deal - you'll probably be jossed, sure, but I find the possibilities way too intriguing

  • Monster-of-the-week is fun! If you wrote this, I'd prefer it pre-New Avengers vol 1, just because I thought there was more of a team feeling back then

  • I'd be very happy with a get-together/reconciliation story set during the Heroic Age or pre-New Avengers. However, I would really not prefer one in Marvel NOW! post-New Avengers #3, unless you really dialed up the angst and showed just how fucked up it is if you're going for shippy, with the caveat that I'd be perfectly fine with a very, very messy one where Steve finds out about the mindwipe, even though that would be quite a bit of weight to pull. Um, on that note, I don't mind narratives like "the rest of the team are suspicious of their feelings towards each other", but business such as a betting pool, or trying to push them into a relationship with each other totally pings my embarrassment squick.

Black Widow (Comics)
Natasha Romanov, Yelena Belova

I ship it hard. They're woefully intriguing. I really like Natasha's affection for Yelena, how she lets up on Yelena and goes a bit easy on her, and how that infuriates Yelena. I like Yelena's obsessive frustration, anger, and bitterness with Natasha. I don't have any real preferences for when to set a story for them.

A few prompts:

  • I would really love some casefic where they have to somehow work together.

  • ...Or casefic where they're on opposite sides. (I realize these two ideas are basically: give me more of what we get in canon, haha! But what we get in canon is so good!)

  • If you're reading the current volume of Secret Avengers...I would love something that uh, stuff stuff they do things together, come to realizations, and then Natasha gets reverie'd. Because seducing Yelena was a SHIELD mission. Somehow. Since this is practically a kink-meme prompt in itself, bonus points for Yelena feeling betrayed and angry, but mostly at herself.

  • Uh. Angry sex? :D Or for more porn ideas, Yelena fantasizing about Natasha. Yes.

I also selected the "fanart" option for these two!

  • Something set in winter (with trenchcoats, please? I really like Natasha's trenchcoat.)

  • Anything that represents them as foils for the other

  • Anything on the spectrum of kissing to NSFW deeds is totally fine by me, as long as it's not too fluffy.

Guardians of the Galaxy (Comics)
Peter Quill, Richard Rider

Guess what? Yup, I ship them too! I really like how, initially, Peter is the gruffer, more hardened of the two, but also the one who tries to lighten things up/impart wisdom, especially for Rich, who's still suffering from survivor's guilt from the destruction of Xandar. I love how we can see them go from slightly awkward, grudging allies to genuinely good friends and a great team - the type who would choose each other if they had to pick a person to go down with in the face of death, guns ablaze. I just adore just how much they've matured from the beginning of Annihilation to the time they have their last stand in the Cancerverse.

I'd love anything, shippy or not, as long as it focuses on their relationship. I'd prefer to see something set during Annihilation or post-Thanos Imperative.

A few prompts:

  • How they get together/form the United Front pre-Annihilation

  • You know, I would not be averse at all to desperate, end-of-the-universe porn set during Annihilation

  • What happened to them after the fault closed? How did Richard get left behind? (Grade-A Peter angst right here, I'm just saying.) On that note, how about having Pete hash it out with Gamora after the fact, since she and Rich have a history as well?

  • How about setting a story in an AU where Richard was officially part of the GotG? There are a lot of possibilities for team-bonding here (Rich and Vance!) since Rich never interacted very much with most of the GotG cast. Really, I feel that Rich not being part of the GotG in the comics was because he had his own ongoing.

Fanart prompts!

  • Fanart: ...What about something where they're trying to kiss/get close in some way and their darned helmets are in the way? (Their helmets are the absolute silliest, I swear.)

  • Fighting side-by-side, duh! Honestly, them hanging out is totally cool in my book - maybe having one of their campfire chats, or looking out at the stars.

  • If you wanted to draw something romantic, I'd be thrilled. I would prefer Peter, if drawn out of costume, with his cybernetics still intact...and with brown hair, haha. Basically, something with their Annihilation-era looks


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