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Dear Yuletide Author

Dear Yuletide Author,

Thank you so much for writing for me! This is my first year participating in Yuletide, and I'm really, really pumped to read whatever you have in mind for me!

Also, please don't feel limited at all by what's in this letter. I've listed why I like these canons/characters and provided prompts just because I wish I can be at least a little helpful with providing some inspiration for you. If the prompts don't work for you but something else does, take it wherever you want it to go! If you have fun and are satisfied with the end-product, I assure you that is enough to make me happy.


  • Every sort of relationship – romance (m/m, m/f, f/f all loved), friendship, rivals, etc. I do have a super soft spot for a good familial relationship, especially if it's parent-child. (The characters actually being related is secondary in importance.)

  • Genres: angst, fluff, humor, slice-of-life, action/adventure, pretty much anything excluding what's in my “dislikes” section!

  • Backstory/missing scenes

  • Character-focused stories

  • Casefic

Dislikes – I actually do like many of these most of the time, but just not for these particular fandoms. Also, I don't have any triggers, so don't worry about those.

  • Genres: Porn, crack (silliness is fine! But not so much wtf-inducing humor)

  • Alternate universes that are not canon-based (for want of a nail AUs? Awesome! Coffeeshops AUs? Not so much what I'm looking for right now.)

  • Crossovers

  • Breaking up canon relationships

Where to find me: aquamarine @ AO3, einheriar @ tumblr. My journal is locked and I don't post on LJ anymore, so that's about the best you can do to stalk me - sorry!

Feel free to anonymously comment here if you have any questions! Anon comments should be turned on. Also, for any canon where I asked for more than one character, don't feel like you have to include all of them! I'd be happy to receive fics focusing on any single character from any of these fandoms.

Avengers Academy
Humberto Lopez; Jeanne Foucault; Jennifer Takeda

I've read the Avengers Academy run. I have not read Avengers: The Initiative, nor have I read Avengers Arena (I don't look up spoilers for Arena, either. If any of my babies have died, I don't know about it, nor do I want to.)

Where to get it: The cheapest way to get this run legally is through signing up for Marvel Unlimited, Marvel's digital back-issue archive, where the entire series of 39 issues is available. It's $10/month, which is definitely enough time if you wanted to read through (it also includes thousands of other back-issues!)

What I like:

Series: Eee - AA is probably my favorite Avengers title from recent memory. I really like the mix of slice-of-life and action. This is a series where I'm fond of every single character, so if you wanted to bring in anyone else from the Academy, even if I didn't request them, I'd be  stoked. Characters from the greater Marvel U would be cool, too, but I'd like the focus to be on the Academy. The students' interactions with each other, their families, and the teachers are all gold.

The series is also great with spreading the focus around – I feel like I got a good sense of every character and what they were facing, even though it was a team book. But, more character-centric stuff could never be a bad thing!

Humberto Lopez: I admire how much he cares about his classmates, and the sense of responsibility he feels towards them and their well-being. However, he's also insecure in his ability to help/lead them – this is a conflict that I really like about superheroes in general. He thrives in a team environment. His admiration of the Avengers harbored since he was a young boy is adorable.

Jeanne Foucault: My favorite thing about Finesse is how perceptive her objectivity makes her. She notices things about people, but doesn't necessarily understand what those mean. I also love her character development over the course of the series.The glimpse we saw of her in the future with her memory problems was wonderful, and a particularly good angle if angst/introspection is your thing. About characters that weren't nominated, I do think her interactions with Laura, Taskmaster, and Pietro were wonderful and insightful, and would be more than happy to read about them.

About Reptil/Finesse – I do like them together! If you want to write a shippy fic, I'd be happy to read it, although I'd prefer it along the lines of how the series handled their relationship - not as romantic as, say, Hazmat/Mettle, but as two teenagers who very much have their own lives/problems/insecurities but still have feelings for each other.

Jennifer Takeda: I love her snarkiness, bluntness, and her inability to hide her emotions very well. She's a bit bratty, but she has a big heart. It's fascinating how she used to be a model teen, but after her powers manifested and her life radically changed, she's become more of the stereotypical, surly teenager (for good reason, though!). Hazmat/Mettle is great, but I'd really prefer it to take a backseat to Hazmat herself in a fic, if that's what you wanted to go for.

Fic ideas/prompts:

Like I said, I love the relationships all of the students have, whether they're with each other, the teachers, their families, even the villains, so anything expanding on those would be great. Team casefic (go, random villains of the day!) is also great, as are character studies. Here are some more specific prompts:

  • Reptil talking about children with any of the teachers who are parents (Tigra is great, but if you could make it work with Pietro I'd want to read that, too!) after reflecting on his memories of the future and his daughter. Doable with Finesse, too, but all she knows is hear-say from Reptil, but Finesse attempting those topics would make for some very interesting conversations.

  • I think it's touching how overprotective Hank is of the students, and I always wanted to see some scenario when the students themselves act the same towards him. It really hits me in my found-family-loving heart.

  • On that note, anything about being a found family, the Academy being a home away from home. I like it when my heart melts.

  • Parties! Birthday parties, holiday parties, we-just-finished-finals parties! I liked the prom issue a lot. Random AA outings, like when Hank took them out to a Broadway play, are also good!

Fire Emblem: Kakusei | Fire Emblem: Awakening
Lucina (Fire Emblem); Serena | Severa

I've played the game and relevant DLCs (or I've watched Youtube clips of DLCs I didn't want to pay for).

Where to get it: It's a Nintendo 3DS strategy RPG. Phoenixmaster1 has a complete walkthrough of the game. I haven't watched it myself, but looks like everything is there!

What I like:

Series: Well, it's a very fun and addicting game, but that's not relevant to fanfic! I thought that Awakening's story had glaring flaws, and to tell you the truth, I'm a bit soured on the main storyline and the DLC paralogues. That aside, Fire Emblem's appeal has always been the characters, anyways, and the genius support system that makes it possible to get to know every character in your army.

My favorite bit of the story in Awakening is the future children (it always boggles me that they're actually optional, save for Lucina!) Point one: they're tragic but heroic. Point two: touching parent-child relationships everywhere! I love how the kids aren't just expys of their parents, and how each of them have very different personalities, and different ways of dealing with their trauma. I'm also a sucker for resistance-movement-style scenarios, which definitely applies to the second gen and the Risen. Whether it's the characters we have in our party or the Future Past versions, the tragedy (but also hope) in their stories gets me everytime, and their existence, imo, makes Awakening that much richer of a game.

Lucina: I admire Lucina's strength a lot, and really appreciate her role in the game. I wish she had done a little bit more in the main storyline (sometimes I feel like while her reveal was huge, she didn't do much to avert her bad end future, but I blame that more on the writing). She's prone to melancholy, but she also has a silly side. I like her interactions with pretty much anyone. I also think how hard she tries to be a role model or a leader for the others is really interesting, especially with how she acts so repressed and reserved. This is as opposed to Chrom, who is a fine leader, but is a very "honest" person in how he acts. I'd love to see exploration of this leadership dynamic between Chrom and Lucina, and Lucina's struggles with it! I feel like Lucina has always been chasing after Chrom's shadow, and while Chrom did question how he could ever live up to Emm's legacy, it's not a major part of his character post-timeskip.

Severa: Although I wasn't fond of her at first, she's really grown on me and she's one of my favorites now. I'm not going to deny that she can be outright mean and cruel. What gets me about her is the serious inferiority complex as well as abandonment issues, and how her behavior can be seen as exaggerated as a coping mechanism. She's on the extreme side of tsundere, but she also has believable reasons for acting the way she does. If you are not up for writing Lucina/Severa, I'm fascinated by Severa and Cordelia's fraught relationship. I have the feeling that Cordelia doesn't really "get" her daughter, no matter how good her intentions are, which can drive more wedges in their relationship. That's how I view Cordelia in general, though - while she's perceptive and insightful, she also has trouble empathizing with others, and holds them up to her own standards of perfection. I still find Cordelia and Severa very touching, though!

I ship Lucina/Severa a ton! There are very interesting parallels between them. I think that they both isolate themselves intentionally because of how they want others to perceive them (Lucina as a steadfast leader, Severa as the fiercely independent fighter). Lucina in general tends to bring out the best in the other children characters, and it's very true in Severa's case. Their Hot Springs Scramble as well as their Future Past conversation made me really happy because I didn't expect to see the level of trust and companionship between them that was there.

Other ships for Lucina or Severa that I like: Lucina/Owain and Severa/Noire. Lucina admittedly goes well with pretty much anyone, although not romantically with Cynthia, since even when they're not actually sisters, their relationship is very adorable and sisterly. I like how at-ease Owain and Lucina are with each other, and I got the impression that this comfort leads their true personalities coming out more in this support conversation - for example, Owain isn't as bombastic, and Lucina isn't as worried/serious. Usually I like a little more tension in my ships, but Lucina/Owain just interact so easily and without angst/huge revelations that I'm very fond of them - they don't need more drama in their life!  For Severa/Noire, I was pleasantly surprised at how kind Severa is to Noire, and the two show a level of comfort with each other that is just adorable, especially since neither of them have very open personalities. For Severa in particular, the idea of her having a soft spot for someone who you'd imagine she'd get fed up with quite quickly is really sweet.

Fic ideas/prompts:

  • Severa/Noire: their hypothetical S-support + paired ending!

  • Lucina/Severa: I'd love to see some interaction between them from their future (although I see that as something more gen-ish, but honestly, just them interacting makes my day). Future Past!Lucina/Severa would also be perfect - I have a thing for princess/knight pairings.

  • Lucina/Owain: I really want to see something from their paired ending - preferably cute and fluffy! I'd also adore to see some interaction between them from their future, as well.

  • Lucina/Severa OR Lucina/Owain: I'd love to see Lucina being overly willing to sacrifice herself, and the angst that ensues. I actually got this idea from this artist's Lucina/Owain artworks (like here or here), but definitely felt like it could be expanded upon! Yay, angst!

  • Severa + Cordelia: I actually don't have any specific ideas for these two! How about something to do with pegasus knights (maybe Severa bonds with Cordelia's pegasus?) Cordelia wants bonding-time and it's an utter failure, but with a cute ending?

  • Lucina: what about a hypothetical support conversation chain with Lissa (why doesn't this exist in the actual game omg)? Or even Emmeryn, even if Emm's return makes me go :/ (I personally consider it not-canon) but still, the idea of them interact is super intriguing.

Secret Avengers
Bobbi Morse

I've read everything Bobbi's been in since she returned at the end of Secret Invasion. Unfortunately, I haven't read anything she's in before that (I'll get around to it someday!) but I do know the general gist of things from the recaps in the minis/Wikipedia.

Where to get it: For the current run of Secret Avengers (vol 2), the cheapest option is to buy the first trade, which covers #1-5, and pick up the rest (currently #6-9) through single issues or digitally (Comixology is the best choice here.) For other Bobbi issues I mention below, New Avengers: the Reunion, Hawkeye & Mockingbird, and New Avengers vol 2 are all available on Marvel Unlimited, a digital back-issue archive, which is $10/month.

What I like:

Bobbi Morse: Bobbi is one of my favorites. I like how she's cool, confident, and competent, but I also like how the emotional scars she has from her time spent on the Skrull homeworld has affected her. Her distance from others and difficulty in getting close, which is mostly self-imposed (especially in regards to her family) make my heart ache. But it's such a unique and angsty part of her to explore! In contrast to that, she's also refreshing because she's positive and has a lot of fun. Issues/arcs I really liked of her, to give you a feel for what I'm looking for: New Avengers: the Reunion, Hawkeye & Mockingbird, Widowmaker, New Avengers vol 2 #14, Secret Avengers vol 2 #8. I'm not exactly familiar with how Yuletide works with regards to comics canon, but if you've only read Secret Avengers, you can totally work from just the characterization and the sticky situation she's currently in there.

I do ship Clint/Bobbi really, really hard. They're a great, convincing partnership, in both the romantic and kick-ass duo sense. I'd love to read about them if you were itching to write shipfic, but I'd prefer the focus to be on our (and Clint's) favorite Birdie.

Fic ideas/prompts:

  • Bobbi on AIM Island (which I don't think they're letting her escape from for a while, so you won't be Jossed during the writing period, at least!). Just a general introspection is great, but if you wanted to write something with plot to get her the hell out of there, that's awesome too! Or, maybe a fic set in the theoretical aftermath when she does escape – maybe her feelings of betrayal or outrage, before SHIELD (most likely) wipes her memory.

  • Or, how about a fic about how Bobbi was recruited into the Secret Avengers, a la vol 2 #1 with Clint and Natasha's stories? Like, missionfic :D

  • Something about the WCA – casefic, perhaps? Or general team interactions, since they were fun for the short-time they were prominent in the minis.

  • This isn't an actual idea, but I'd love reading something about her being badass, especially now with her Infinity-Formula-granted powers. If fight scenes aren't your thing, she can also show off her scientist or spy skills!

  • In general, if you like character-studies, I think Bobbi is a character who would really benefit from those, since she's had so much happen to her in recent Marvel history, so I'd be ecstatic to read those! If you did one, I'd really like to see at least a mention of her time in disguise on the Skrull homeworld.

Umineko no Naku Koro ni | When the Seagulls Cry
Ushiromiya Eva; Lambdadelta

I've read all of the sound novels, and most of the TIPs. The only ones I haven't read are the sillier ones, but stuff like Witch's Tanabata and Lambdadelta's Diary I've read. I've also read all of the Higurashi sound novels, if you want to write about Lambda and would like to include those. For the adaptations: I dropped the anime at the end of Episode 2 (the arc, not actual episode 2), and I've only read bits and pieces of the manga. So, my details on it are based on the sound novels (I apologize if this makes it difficult for you, since the anime and the manga have not adapted the entirety of the series).

Where to get it: Umineko is long (there are 8 Episodes, and each Episode averages around 10+ hours of reading), so if you're here and not already familiar with it, then I wish you luck. That said, you'd want to visit The Witch Hunt, the translation team behind the games, for info on getting the games and patching it up. Even though they're long, I highly recommend reading the games. Umineko is definitely one of the most unique, intense, and emotionally resonant canons I've ever experienced. It also has amazing music (here and here are just a few of them - although avoid the comments section by all cost, since it's incredibly easy to get spoiled on Umineko, considering it's a mystery series).

Anyways, for this particular canon, I'm really looking for character-centric fic! This is also to make everyone's lives easier, because the plot and world are huge, sprawling, and complex, so I think it'll be helpful to narrow it down.

What I like:

Ushiromiya Eva: She's such an driven character, and this isn't always a good thing for her or for anyone who interacts with. She knows what she wants, and everything she does is done with such intensity it's almost scary. She admittedly came from a privileged position, but she still had to fight her way to where she is now, and used every resource she had, and learned/acquired ones she didn't. There's just so much to her character that I haven't even touched on, and I love all of it. I appreciate how the narrative never sugercoats or makes attempts to make you biased in any way towards her, and that's true in regards to all of Umineko's characters, who are all incredibly flawed but just as sympathetic. She's awful to Natsuhi, cruel to Rosa when they were young and Shannon now, and more. But she's also deeply in love with Hideyoshi (the most healthy relationship in Umineko, I'd say) and fiercely protective of George. Eva and Ange's relationship makes me weep.

Lambdadelta: My cute super paper! I wasn't a fan of her pre-Chiru, but Chiru's focus on the magic characters made me much more fond of them (...exception is Bern, but see: my thoughts and Eva and Ange's relationship). I love how, while there's more to Lambdadelta than what she shows (such as the scene where she explains logic errors to Battler), there's also nothing inherently fake about the way she presents herself. Yes, she is a sadist, and yes, she's only invested in this game because it's amusing to watch and she has her own stake in it! It's refreshing as hell to see a character without a facade, but is still interesting and multi-layered. I also like how even now, I'm not really sure where she walks on the line of good-evil. That's very true to Umineko, that it's not so black and white, and it's more a matter of chance how she ended up where she was for this game. I mean, see Higurashi, Bernkastel and Lambadelta's first game together, and compare that to their stances in Umineko. On that note, I do ship Bernkastel/Lambdadelta a lot - it's hard not to!

Fic ideas/prompts:

  • Eva character-study post-Rokkenjima incident – her grief and isolation was only ever implied and inferred, so a more direct approach to showing it would probably crush me, but I'd love reading it.

  • Eva-Ange cute times in a world without Bernkastel's meddling. Damn you, Bern.

  • On that note, I'd love to read anything about Eva-Ange's relationship in the present time. However, I wouldn't want any glossing over of how Eva treated her - it's true that Eva did offer her love to Ange, and it's also true that Ange's rejection crushed Eva, but the way she treats Ange is not justified. Once Eva makes up her mind about someone, it's there to stay - she's very stubborn and unwilling to bend.

  • Ushiromiya siblings - I'd be so there for anything about their relationship when they were young. I'd really want to see a scene from their childhood years (although I'd prefer the ending of that to be at least a little touching, I don't think I can take seeing the contempt they show as adults).

  • Bernkastel/Lambdadelta – anything at all. Seriously. They're so twisted and wonderful. You can even disregard me not asking for porn in my general section, I would take a-n-y-t-h-i-n-g and revel in it.

  • Lambdadelta being popular among the witches is really charming, so anything with her interacting with the others and being a good host would tickle my fancy.

  • I always wanted to see Lambdadelta reacting to her placement in the Umineko EP8 character poll, where she did indeed get in the Top 5, hee.

Phew, that's all! I hope you have a wonderful Yuletide and holiday season, and thank you once again for writing for me!


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