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Dear FemslashEx Author

Dear FemslashEx Author,

Thank you so much for writing for me! I'm really, really pumped to read whatever you have in mind!

Firstly, please don't feel limited at all by what's in this letter. I've listed why I like these canons/characters/relationships and provided prompts just because I wish I can be at least a little helpful with providing some inspiration for you. If the prompts don't work for you but something else does, take it wherever you want it to go! If you have fun and are satisfied with the end-product, I assure you that is enough to make me happy.

Where to find me: magicasen @ AO3, einheriar @ tumblr. My journal is locked and I don't post on LJ anymore, so that's about the best you can do to stalk me - sorry!


  • Every sort of relationship – romance, friendship, rivals, etc. I do have a super soft spot for a good familial relationship. Of course, the characters actually being related is secondary in importance. So, you don't have to focus just on the romance depending on which fandom you're writing for.

  • Genres: angst, fluff, humor, slice-of-life, action/adventure, pretty much anything excluding what's in my “dislikes” section!

  • Some words describing emotions, impressions, or ideas I love in fic: wistfulness, bittersweetness, calm solitude, sharp and cutting, chilling, warm and fuzzy, gentle sweetness, quiet intensity, repression

  • Backstory/missing scenes - I'm really big on stories that slot just into canon, or replicate its tone

  • What the heck, I'm totally up for porn if that's what calls to you.

Dislikes – I don't have any triggers, so don't worry about those.

  • Genres: Crack (silliness is fine! But not so much wtf-inducing humor)

  • Alternate universes that are not canon-based (for want of a nail AUs? Awesome! Coffeeshops AUs? Not so much what I'm looking for right now.)

  • Crossovers

  • Cheating/adultery

Avengers Academy (Video Game)

Janet Van Dyne/Natasha Romanoff

The AvAc versions of all the Marvel characters are just so adorable! I love how bubbly and cheerful Jan is, especially paired with how thoughtful and perceptive she is about her fellow classmates. I love how Natasha tries to play it cool, but there are the moments where she gets excited. My heart melts whenever she smiles in the game. Natasha totally has a soft spot for Jan (who doesn't?) and Jan definitely has a crush on Natasha. Story-wise, I'd really prefer fluff. Maybe Natasha goes to incredible lengths using all her spy knowledge to do something for Jan, or Jan designs more costumes for her, and in general Natasha shows her rare smile more often and Jan is enthusiastic about things.

Fire Emblem: If | Fire Emblem: Fates

Flora/Female My Unit | Avatar

Man oh man, why is F!Corrin/Flora's support leaps and bounds better than the one where I can actually marry her!? (I did it anyway.) All they want is each other's happiness! I'm admittedly far more invested in Flora than I am in Corrin, so I'll talk more about her here! Flora is one of the characters in Fates whose internal conflict really grabbed me. I like how she can't forgive herself for her mistakes and perceived flaws, and her defining feature in-game is her jealousy. She tries to live as the ideal maid because it gives her life meaning, and she's really insecure otherwise. Her character is pretty much catnip for me... so really, anything focusing on her issues would make me really happy. For fun though, I like the gag of her using her ice powers to cool herself down, or wake Corrin up, etc. For prompts, how about Flora showing Corrin even more new places? Corrin being more invested in Flora caring for herself and that thinking of herself doesn't make her this selfish, awful person she thinks she'd be? I'd be fine with a tragic Birthright story, or a bittersweet Conquest one, or a "we earned our happy ending" Revelations story.

Imperial Radch Series - Ann Leckie

(Fandom specific thing here: I see Breq as asexual.)

Justice of Toren One Esk Nineteen | Breq/Mercy of Kalr

Reading through Ancillary Mercy at the most intense Breq/Ship moments was a lot of me going A;LDKJAS;DLK. I don't think a ship has turned into an OTP so quickly for me as that conversation where Breq apologizes to Ship. BREQ REALIZING HER WRONGS, AND FEELING SO MUCH REGRET FOR THEM. SHIP ADMITTING IN HER VERY ROUNDABOUT WAY THAT OH HEY MAYBE SHE CAN LOVE BREQ. (lies down on the floor) I'm not entirely sure what I want between them, other than I'm really interested in post-canon fic! More of Ship saving Breq's life? Them not really knowing how to relate to each other now?

Justice of Toren One Esk Nineteen | Breq/Seivarden Vendaai

Two words: Loyalty kink. Seivarden is my favorite character in the series, and I mostly refer to her as my favorite failboat. But really, I do enjoy all of her issues coupled with, well, how much of an obtuse jerk she can be. I really love how Breq cares for Seivarden, but never really admits it in the narration. But it's so obvious! I'd prefer fic for them to be set around Justice through early Mercy timeline, mostly because I'm more interested in seeing Seivarden at, er, the height of all her problems and how much she throws herself into serving Breq. Intensely one-sided (with maybe a few bread crumbs along the way) is more the flavor I like for this ship

Love Live! School Idol Project

Ayase Eli/Toujou Nozomi/Yazawa Nico

(This is copy and pasted from my YT letter last year, so apologies for the wall of text!)

My precious third years! I adore their dynamic dearly. I would prefer fic where they're all already friends, so sometime after the formation of Muse. Either school-life era or post-graduation would be completely fine. They are very much my OT3, but canon-esque interactions would also make me happy (and honestly, they're shippy enough in canon!). Honestly, just make my darling girls happy.

Love Live has totally been my happy place this past year! Meanwhile, the mobile game is the bane of my existence :) This is definitely a fun, fluffy canon, although touches of bittersweetness are a-okay, especially since these three in particular have had quite the lonely pasts.

In particular, about these three: I love how much they love Muse and are devoted to it, and not just because of the idol aspect or even goals such as saving the school. There is sort of a wistfulness about them since they are the ones who have dealt with disappointment and loneliness and loss, and they are really the ones who would treasure the experience that Muse has given them. I like how they're not that great at communicating their feelings and are definitely the "quietest" of the year groups, but also the ones who are so firmly embedded in Muse and what they stand for. The dynamic I like for them...I really like Nozomi and Eli spoiling Nico, who tries to play it off but secretly enjoys it and the attention they shower on her. I also like Eli and Nico acknowledging Nozomi's lack of honesty in expressing her feelings and how they're able to fluster her, the girl who puts up such a collected demeanor all the time. I also like how Eli is both very mature and also a bit childish/innocent, and I really like the idea of Nozomi and Nico looking over and pampering their responsible (girl)friend who pushes herself a lot. I love, love that they would all do this for each other in different ways. For example, Nozomi likes to tease Nico, while Eli is very forthcoming and sweet to her. It's things like this that make me love them so much!

If you play the SIF game, this is like my FAVORITE STORY CHAPTER IN THE GAME EVER. I am also a huge fan of chapter 23, where all the girls help out Nozomi at the shrine. (Nozomi is actually my favorite, although Nico and Eli are a close second and third!)

A few prompts:

  • Porn would be fantastic.

  • I would love expansion on season 2 episode 4 (the Nico-centric one), particularly what happens afterward, even though the episode ended on a great note.

  • I would really like the idea of songs being written for any of the trio - from the other two, perhaps? It'd be an adorable love confession, if so.

  • In general, these girls would be so shy and flustered about confessing their feelings that any sort of get-together would be great (usually I see it as Eli/Nozomi inviting Nico into their relationship because, c'mon, it's Eli/Nozomi! But tbh, as long as they're in an adorable cuddle puddle in the end I don't mind which route you take)

Ayase Eli/Yazawa Nico

I love how Eli is so earnest and honest with Nico. It really feels like she whole-heartedly appreciates Nico and what she does. I also love Nico admiring Eli and while being a bit jealous of her. I see them really sweet and happy together, after initial awkwardness and being weird about emotions! I love the unidolized Seven Lucky Gods UR pairing in the SIF game, because I can totally see Nico being one of the people Eli can be absolutely geeky and excited around.

Hoshizora Rin/Sonoda Umi

I love how Umi has a soft spot for Rin! And I love how Rin knows what kind of effect she has on Umi and can totally take advantage of it. I really like their dynamic in this magazine story. Can't you just see Umi being so exasperatedly fond of Rin? I think they'd both wish they could be like each other. Ugh, they're adorable <3

Kousaka Honoka/Yazawa Nico

Nico is pretty much my fandom bicycle, and Honoka is so slashy with. EVERYONE. Their interactions are especially fun, with Honoka being so open while Nico is her usual awkward self! I really liked their interactions in SIF in this chapter. Indeed, I wanted Nico to teach Honoka all about love! I like Nico having one-sided feelings for someone she'd find it especially hard to express to, and this is one of the pairings it fits. I also want Nico to educate Honoka on all the famous idols that she doesn't know about, what is wrong with you, that's blasphemy! While Honoka is impressed by all of Nico's knowledge :)

Minami Kotori/Yazawa Nico

Their most well-known interaction in the anime is when Nico asks why Kotori is working so hard, implying that people are taking advantage of her. Considering this is Nico, I took it as her being really, really awful at trying to express concern for Kotori, who really tries not to draw attention to herself and self-admittedly follows along and supports everyone all the time, which is...the exact opposite of Nico. I really like their interactions in this chapter of SIF. Man, I love them hashing it out. I really like the discussion of the more technical side of idol life, like costume making, and how much they actually respect each other! This is a pairing where I could go for some one-sided angst/pining, but preferably with a happy ending :)

Toujou Nozomi/Yazawa Nico

Nozomi being a troll to Nico because she knows exactly how Nico will react and how gleeful she gets when Nico reacts exactly how she wants is MY JAM. I also really like when Nico's protests or questions hit home and Nozomi loses her composure and gets flustered. They're absolutely hilarious, but, with their pasts, they can really understand each other. For a fic, I'd really just like them to have an honest conversation, but of course, being them, it's all roundabout and they might try to play it all off!

Love Live! Sunshine!!

Unfortunately, I'm unable to watch most of the recent episodes, but I hope to catch up by the time reveals happen.

Kunikida Hanamaru/Kurosawa Ruby/Tsushima Yoshiko

The first years have such fun interactions! I like Hanamaru, who can be pretty spacey, being more of a straight man, and Yohane being as nuts as she always is, and Ruby being so earnest about everything.

Kunikida Hanamaru/Tsushima Yoshiko

Hanamaru is so understanding of Yohane! And then she can kind of shut down Yohane, or really mess with her, and it's amazing. But really, she accepts her and that's what's important <3

Kurosawa Ruby/Tsushima Yoshiko

I can't believe Ruby wants to become Yohane's little demon. I can't believe she thinks the fallen angel thing is cool! Ruby is just precious, and I like the idea of “Yohane” being very protective of her, and in general her being a huge soft spot for Yohane.

Sakurauchi Riko/Takami Chika/Watanabe You

I like the dynamic in the Koi ni Naritai Aquarium PV where You feels left out, and of course she's so important to Chika, how could she think otherwise? And together they try to draw Riko into their friend group. Riko is my favorite character, and I think she and You could connect on that depression/melancholy judging from the PV! I also really like how well You and Chika know each other, and I'm interested in seeing how they bring Riko into their life.

Marvel 616

Carol Danvers/Jessica Drew

I like them having some friends-with-benefits sort of relationship that grows into something more. I love melodrama, but I just don't really see it for them, you know? So I'd like them treating their feelings for each other more lightly, and accepting them more easily, etc. I'd love some clever use of their powers, or just them having fun together.

That said, I did mention I love melodrama! I find that, in theory, the whole “Carol deals with the death of someone she loves by turning her emotions inwards and outwardly being cold and pragmatic” is like catnip, but...I can't say I'm a fan of the execution in recent comics. So, please, nothing related to CW2. But you can totally take that concept and turn it into a fic (uh, without any actual character death, please) and I'll be super super happy!


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