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Fandom Stocking

(Actual stocking posted here. Keeping a copy on my journal so that anyone writing for me in exchanges in the future can look through for possible inspiration!)

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Marvel Comics, Fate/stay night, Vorkosigan Saga, Love Live!, Umineko no Naku Koro ni, Fire Emblem: Awakening

'Ships (slash, het, and femslash) & Characters:

Formatted as [fandom]: [favorite characters].[favorite relationships]. I use & for gen relationships.

Marvel (mostly 616, although happy to receive all the comic and cartoon universes with the exception of Ultimates): Steve, Tony. Steve/Tony, Peter Quill/Richard Rider, Johnny Storm/Peter Parker.

Prompts: Steve and Tony miss each other when they're on separate teams. Steve and Tony and epic shouting matches. Fix-it fic for Rich. Johnny and Peter finding each other to annoy when they're bored/restless.

Fate/stay night: Archer, Shirou, Illyasviel, Sakura, Saber, Kotomine. Any combination of the Emiya family (Kiritsugu/Irisviel & Shirou & Illyasviel & Archer), Rin & Sakura, Shirou/Kotomine, any combination of sad heroes (Kiritsugu & Archer & Shirou & Saber).

Prompts: Archer interacting with Kiritsugu, Iri, Illya, or Sakura. Rin and Sakura post-UBW. Kiritsugu, Shirou, or Kotomine summon Archer.

Vorkosigan Saga: Gregor, Miles, Ekaterin, Mark, Illyan, Galeni. Any combination of the Vorkosigans (Aral/Cordelia & Miles & Mark), Miles/Gregor, Miles/Ekaterin, any combination of Simon/Alys & Ivan.

Prompts: Mark with Miles and Ekaterin's children. Ivan and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Day (or, you know what, make that ANY character). Any Barrayaran & Miles post Mirror-Dance.

Love Live!: I love everyone in μ’s, but the third years most of all! Nozomi/Nico/Eli (& any combination thereof), Maki/Rin/Hanayo (& any combination thereof), Honoka/Kotori/Umi, Lily White (Nozomi & Umi & Rin), Umi/Rin, anyone/anyone or μ’s OT9 to be honest!

Prompts: Christmas adorableness. Writing songs dedicated to a certain μ’s member. "Our hearts as one."

Umineko: Beatrice, Eva, Lion, Ange. Battler/Beatrice, Eva & Ange, Battler & Ange, Rosa & Maria, Lambdadelta/Bernkastel, Dlanor/Erika, Will/Lion, Natsuhi & Lion & Jessica, Natsuhi & Beatrice, basically any familial relationship within the Ushiromiyas except with Kinzo.

Prompts: A day in the Golden Land. Beatrice and Lion interact. Ange-Beatrice meets Eva-Beatrice. An insight into the happy Fragments Bernkastel finds.

Fire Emblem: Awakening: Lissa, Owain, Lucina, Severa, Sumia. Sumia/Cordelia (& Cynthia & Severa), Lucina/Severa, Severa/Noire, Gerome/Inigo, Owain/Lucina, Lissa & Owain, Cordelia & Severa, Sumia & Cynthia, pretty much any parent & child relationship in the game!

Prompts: Gift-exchanging. Adjusting to peacetime after war. A ride on a pegasus. The children's memories of their parents versus the real thing. Anything from the Future Past timeline. (SPOILERS for Fire Emblem Fates): the Awakening parent generation meet their Fates grandchildren, for those characters for whom it's relevant! Being vague to not be too spoilery.

Fic Likes:

For gen/family stuff: fluff and happiness, “passing on the torch”, children not repeating the same mistakes their parents made, introspection, impossibly happy dream-worlds (mostly relevant for Fate/ and Umineko)

For shippy stuff: repression, wistfulness, denial of feelings, pining, bittersweetness, leaving things unsaid, emotional intensity, loyalty, self-sacrifice for the sake of the other person, UST, melodrama, sweetness, silly shenanigans, banter. For tropes: wingfic, fake relationship, time travel, groundhog day, multiverse shenanigans, canon-divergence AUs, identity porn. Really, I like anything that's not A/B/O, pregnancy-related (although I love kidfic!), or soulbonds. Oh, and very okay with porn for any ship listed :)

Fic Dislikes:

Complete AUs, rape/non-con, crack (silliness is great, but not WTF-inducing humor), infidelity, humiliation/embarrassment, porn-wise: anything that should be negotiated/have a safeword

Anything Extra:

My favorite animals are dogs, penguins, and cats! I love kids, so any cute/funny videos or stories will be appreciated. Cool/useful resources for learning Japanese. Canon recs: sci-fi books, any non-live action canon with strong themes of heroism/idealism/honor/loyalty

For all of my fandoms, I'd love to just hear from fellow fans – no need to feel obligated to make something! Just squee about our shared fandoms together! In addition, I love fannish meta and fanart recs. Thank you!

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